Carnival Midway Attractions owns and operates over 40 amusement rides geared for all ages.  Our rides are available with our complete midway packages for fairs, festivals, and events, or available as single unit rentals for corporate events and film productions.  

We have a variety of attractions ranging from thrill rides to family rides and kiddie rides for our younger guests.  For guests wanting a adrenalin rush, the Zipper will provide just that as they flip head over heels on this 50ft tall attraction.  For more of a family experience, patrons will enjoy the Pharaoh's Fury, our giant 60ft tall swinging ship or a gentle ride on our 65ft tall Giant Century Wheel.  For kiddie rides, we have a wide assortment ranging from the popular obstacle course, the Raiders to the Italian built Bumble Bee ride.  

Some of our rides include:  Century Wheel, Vertigo, Typhoon, Zipper, Twist, Starship 3000, Pharaoh's Fury, Cliff Hanger, Baja Buggy, Cuckoo Haus, Bumble Bees, Spinning Flowers, Wave Runners, Super Slide, Orient Express, Grand Carousel, Bear Affair, Monkey Maze, and many more.